The world’s most advanced
aseptic liquid packaging systems.

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Aseptic Liquid Packaging Systems

Safeguarding Solutions Through !nnovative Packaging

At Weiler Engineering, Inc., our singular focus for more than 60 years has been the development and refinement of the world’s most advanced aseptic liquid packaging systems. 

These systems virtually eliminate the contamination concerns of conventional vial filling. 

Our proprietary ASEP-TECH® Blow/Fill/Seal machines integrate cutting-edge “hands-free” technology into the packaging of parenterals, ophthalmic solutions, respiratory drugs and other pharmaceutical liquids.

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ASEP-TECH packaging process.

To discover how an uninterrupted sequence of blow molding, aseptic filling, and hermetic sealing solutions on a single machine assures sterility at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Compared to conventional glass vial filling, our ASEP-TECH Blow/Fill/Seal system offers:

  • Increased safety: shatterproof, tamperevident plastic packaging
  • Increased sterility assurance: integrated molding, filling, and sealing processes reduce material handling, leading to a decreased risk of product contamination
  • Finishing process integration: deflashing, leak detection, and labeling seamlessly incorporated into custom packaging solutions
  • Cost reduction in bringing finished products to market

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